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I am a lifelong amateur game designer and developer becoming a professional. I use the word amateur in the classic sense, that my work on games has always been done out of the love for it. When I was a child, I would take the pieces and boards from different games, to make up new games. Not long after I learned chess, I started playing with variants. When I was ten years of age, I received the new Dungeons and Dragons box set as a Yule gift. This led to more than thirty years of running role-playing games, regularly tweaking systems with house rules or developing entire homebrew systems.

My personal love of games spans all types, from board, card, dice and social games to several genres of computer games. My greatest passion is for RPGs, and while computer RPGs are more interactive storybooks than true roleplay, they are still my favorite genre of computer game. I've also enjoyed a wide variety of strategy, adventure, simulation, puzzle and fighting games, with the inevitable nostalgic love of my generation for old arcade games from the 1980s.

My academic history has been filled with a wild variety of disciplines, as I pursued one major after another long enough to find that I did not want to spend decades working in a particular field. I completed sophomore or junior level coursework in astronomy, computer science, English literature, and history, before completing a degree in Scandinavian studies from the University of Washington. (My emphasis being history and anthropology.) During my extended time in college, I worked in the Seattle area tech industry, advancing from technical support to analysis to network operations. As I reached a point where networking was more secure and better paying than an ambiguous post-grad academic career, I spent eight years with the best boss and department head I've ever had.

After both the director of my team, and the VP of my department, left to switch careers and do what they love on a professional level, I resolved to do the same. I spent a year taking a certificate course in game design from UW, with noted industry professionals as instructors. I have recently formed my game studio to develop a strategy board game of víking age conquest. I have also worked with several other Seattle-based designers on projects for board, card and computer games.

I am available for professional game design work, bringing the insight from my background as a professional and academic polymath with expertise in numerous fields.



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