Writing Samples


Death of the Party

Death of the Party is a game I have created with Geoffrey Globus, of Cave Banana Games and Robert Maynard as our artist. Originally designed for a Hasbro contest, and when it did not make their selection, we chose to continue the development ourselves. Months of playtesting resulted in an innovative game with new mechanics and a playstyle unlike any other. I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in October and November 2017, and launched the game in July 2018.


Prototype Penguin

Prototype Penguin is the spring quarter project from my game design course. I worked with C.J. Kimberlin, Johnathan Ochs, Jason Rost and Laura Veith. Our assignment was to create the first level for a 2D platformer game. We chose to use Unity for the engine, which provided valuable experience in level building.

The main character and namesake of the game, Prototype Penguin, has invented a gun that fires ice blocks. He is exploring the antarctic environment by placing blocks to allow jumping past hazards.

The game itself is exported to a web plug-in that can be played in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Opera, but is not available for Chrome.

Prototype Penguin Game Pitch Document


Robber Baron Monopoly

Robber Baron Monopoly is the winter quarter project from my game design course. I worked with Jonathan Burke, Nicholas Ditzler, Pat Hoynes and Laura Veith. The class assignment was to develop a version of Monopoly that was more fun and engaging, while maintaining the intent of the original design.

We modified a number of rules to allow for faster and more engaging play, added a set ending that players can see coming, and created a theme that follows the basic mechanics. The game is set in the Gilded Age, with the properties replaced by companies that thrived in the late 19th century.

Our instructor was impressed enough by our efforts that he arranged the opportunity for us to present our variation to USAopoly, which we did in August, 2015.

Robber Baron Monopoly Brochure
Robber Baron Monopoly Rulebook
Robber Baron Monopoly Game Design Document


Retire to Mars

Retire to Mars! is the fall quarter project from my game design course. It was a solo assignment to write a design document for a new game idea. The primary limitation was that the game had to incorporate two themes from a list of: Mars colonisation, formal dueling, lighter-than-air flight, retirement homes and organised crime.

My approach was to imagine a real-time strategy game in the tradition of Command & Conquer and Starcraft, done as a cartoonish dark comedy pitting rival factions of retirement homes on Mars to struggle over resources.

Retire to Mars! Game Design Document