Death of the Party is a new Hidden Identity/murder mystery game

by Selvårv Stigård & Geoffrey Globus, with art by Robert Maynard.



You and your fellow partygoers play detectives from movies and literature, who have been invited to a mysterious party, where the host has threatened to reveal a secret about one of the famous sleuths... but after everyone arrives, someone killed him before he could make his announcement!

You must figure out who is the killer, or if there are several killers, before they kill again.



Unlike most party games, which can end the mood of the party as everyone sits down around a table, Death of the Party involves moving between rooms and mingling with other partygoers as a regular part of gameplay.

Death of the Party supports 4 to 9 players, across 2 or 3 rooms, with randomly selected killers - up to one-third of the total players, but the other partygoers can't be sure of how many.

As you go from room to room, watch out for your fellow players, as anyone could be a killer, ready to murder you with cards telling you how you died... and if they can sneak up behind you, your death won't alert any of the other players!


In addition to 10 parody versions of famous detectives, Death of the Party comes with two household staff personalities to keep the game flowing. However, just because the Butler and Server are ready to help you, don't forget they have a Hidden Identity, too... it's always possible that the Butler did it!

Games last 30 to 60 minutes, with quick setup so the next game can be ready in a few minutes. Pick another identity to find out if you're the killer this time, and see if you can figure out how to murder your friends and get away with it.

Death of the Party is appropriate for adults and teens, with references to smoking, alcohol, and of course, murder!


Death of the Party is a collaborative effort between Selvårv Stigård of Ragnarökr Games, and Geoffrey Globus of Cave Banana Games, with art by Robert Maynard.

We have been developing and playtesting Death of the Party since late 2015, and are currently building up to a crowdfunding campaign to bring our game to life.

If you would like to help, please visit Ragnarökr Games on Facebook, where we've been setting up playtest sessions and getting the word out, so that when we're ready to launch, our game will have the support it needs.