A Game by Selvårv Stigård & Geoffrey Globus, Art by Robert Maynard

Death of the Party is a hidden identity party game that can be played by 4-6 people across two rooms, or by 6-9 people across three rooms. Each player takes on the Persona of a famous detective, and an Identity of either Partygoer or Killer. The (surviving) Partygoers win if they can identify and arrest all the Killers, but a Killer can win by committing murder and getting away with it.


Death of the Party is available in (Seattle area) stores and on eCRATER:


Here's what reviewers have been saying about Death of the Party...



Bearded Meeple said:

"There are quite a few social deduction games out there, but pretty much every aspect of this game and how it presents itself and plays through, it's definitely going to stand out amongst the crowd. We really enjoyed playing it."


Board Game Capital said:

"We were a little skeptical about moving around and thought it would be a useless filler mechanic to the game. Oh were we wrong!"


Board Game Authority said:

"I love the fact that we're seeing games that are trying something new, and this does that in a pretty daring fashion."


The Going Last Podcast said:

"I think it's a clever version of this style of game ... and it looks fantastic."

(The review for Death of the Party starts about 33:40.)




If you want even more of an idea in advance, of what it's like to play Death of the Party,

here's a copy of our Player Instructions.


Death of the Party would not have been possible without our Kickstarter backers.

A special thanks to Lian "Linny" Henderson, Nancy Stigaard, Karl Alex Pauls, Devin Canterberry, Libby Stigaard Ilson, Robert's Tante, Becklin Haston, SOTD - JayMart, Jonathan Burke, FieryLemons (of Rain City Respawn), Wilbert Roget, II, Marcus Evenstar, Shannon & Sean Henry, Sela Davis, and Donald P MacLean


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